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44 Articles Dispatch of the Delegation of Republic of Korea (ROK) Experts on the Current Status of ALPS Treated Water. 2023.05.31 29
43 Articles Briefing Session to the Government of the Republic of Korea on the Current Status of ALPS 2023.05.17 68
42 Articles The IAEA Published a Report on Its Second Review Mission of Safety Aspects of Handling of ALPS Treated Water at Fukushim 2023.04.07 285
41 Articles IAEA Issues New Report on Safety of Japan’s Plan to Discharge ALPS Treated Water from Fukushima Daiichi Site 2023.04.07 305
40 Official Messages and Policies At New Year’s Gathering, JAIF Chairman Stresses Active Use of Nuclear Energy 2023.01.13 491
39 Official Messages and Policies 2023 New Year’s Message from JAIF President Arai 2023.01.13 459
38 Research Materials (TEPCO) What is Tritium 2022.12.23 552
37 Research Materials (TEPCO) What is treated water? 2022.12.23 482
36 Articles IAEA Task Force Makes Progress in Safety Review of Japan’s Plans for Discharge of Water Stored at Fukushima Site 2022.11.28 669
35 Articles Approval of Amendment of the Implementation Plan for Installation of ALPS Treated Water Discharge Facility at Fukushima 2022.07.26 867
34 Articles IAEA Task Force Releases Report on Regulatory Aspects of Water Discharge at Fukushima Daiichi 2022.06.20 981
33 Articles IAEA published a safety review report of ALPS treated water at Fukushima Daiichi NPS 2022.05.09 1,071
32 Articles News Articles by IAEA Regarding ALPS-Treated Water at Fukushima Daiichi 2022.03.03 1,301
31 Notice 37th Korea Atomic Power Annual Conference 2022.01.27 1,259
30 Official Messages and Policies New Year’s Message for 2022 by JAIF President Arai 2022.01.25 1,077