The 6th East Asian Nuclear Forum

  • Date 2020.06.05
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Date : November 5, 2018
Venue : Plum Garden International Hotel, Fuzhou, China

Opening Session (09:00~09:30)

Welcoming Note
Mr. Xu Li-gen
President, Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Co

Opening Remarks
Mr. Yu Jian-feng
Chairman, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)

Moderator in Morning Session
Mr. Zhang Ting-ke
Vice Chairman & Secretary General, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)

Session 1 : Status and Prospect of East Asia Nuclear Energy Development (09:30~12:00)

[Presentation from China] (09:30~10:00)
"Current Status and Prospect of Nuclear Power in China"
Mr. Zhao Cheng-kun
Executive Deputy Director, Expert Committee, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)

[Presentation from Japan] (10:00~10:30)
"Current Status of Nuclear Power in Japan"
Mr. Takahashi Akio
President, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF)

Coffee Break and Group Photo (10:30~11:00)

[Presentation from Korea] (11:00~11:30)
"Status & Vision for Nuclear Power Plant in Korea"
Mr. Heo Il
Senior Manager, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)

[Presentation from Taiwan] (11:30~12:00)
"The Current Status and Prospect of Nuclar Power in Taiwan"
Mr. Liu Yu-wei
Director, International Department, Taiwan Nuclear Grade Industry Association (TNA)

Buffet Lunch (12:00~14:00)

Moderator in Afternoon Session
Mr. Chen Hwa
Vice Chairman, China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)

Session 2 : NPP Safety Operation and Management (14:00~16:00)

Topic 1 : Severe Accident Management and Emergency Response

[Presentation from China] (14:00~14:20)
"The Prevention and Mitigration of Severe Accident and Emergency Responses for the NPP in China"
Mr. Zhao Bo
Former Chief Engineer, China Nuclear Power Engineering

[Presentation from Japan] (14:20~15:00)
"Preparedness for Severe Accidents and Nuclear Emergency Situation in Japan"
Mr. Taguchi Koshi
Leader, Nuclear Power Plant Planning Group, Nuclear Power Division, Kansai Electric Power

"Full System Decontamination for Decommissioning"
Mr. Fujimoto Itta
Senior Staff, Nuclear Power Project Department, Marubeni Utility Services

Topic 2 : NPP Nuclear Safety Culture

[Presentation from China] (15:00~15:20)
"Building of CGN Nuclear Safety Culture" 
Mr. Huang Xiao-heng  
Safety Deputy Director, CGN Power

[Presentation from Korea] (15:20~15:40)
"KHNP Nuclear Safety Culture Program and Enhancement"
Mr. Kim Young-gab
Principal Research Engineer, Central Research Institute, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)

Topic 3 : PSA Application in the NPP Safety Management

[Presentation from China] (15:40~16:00)
"Application of Probabilistic Safety Assessment(PSA) in the Safety Management of Chinese NPPs"
Mr. Zhang Qinfang
Chief Engineer, Nuclear Design Department, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute

"The Maritime Processing Method of Radioactive Water of Nuclear Power Plants"
Mr. Hung Chinyu
Project Assistant Manager, Fidertech Corporation

Coffee Break (16:00~16:30)

Q&A and Discussion (16:30~17:00)

Signing Ceremony (17:00~17:20)
'Memorandum of Understanding' and 'The Initiative to build a community of shared destiny of nuclear energy safety in East Asia'

Summary and Closing Session (17:20~18:00)

Reception Dinner (18:30~20:30)