The 2nd East Asia Nuclear Forum

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Date : April 14, 2014
Venue : Hall B5, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

Lunch Reception (11:15~12:15)

Opening (12:15~12:25)

[Opening Remarks]
Mr. Hattori Takuya , President, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (5 min.)

[Introduction of the 2015 Forum]
Mr. Min Kye-Hong , Executive Vice Chairman, Korea Atomic Industrial Forum (5 min.)
Agenda 1: The latest trend in the field of energy & nuclear (12:25-13:55)

[Presentation from Japan] (12:25~12:45)
“Japan’s Energy Future -Nuclear power and the energy policy at a crossroad -”
Ms. Murakami Tomoko
Manager, Nuclear Energy Group, Strategy Research Unit,The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

[Discussion with the floor] (12:45~12:55)

[Presentation from Korea] (12:55~13:15)

“Present and Future of Korean Nuclear Power”
Mr. Jung Ha-Hwang
Executive Vice President, Planning Division, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.

[Discussion with the floor] (13:15~13:25)

[Presentation from Taiwan] (13:25~13:45)

“The Latest Trend of Energy & Nuclear in Taiwan”
Dr. Wang Li-hua
Deputy Secretary-General, Taiwan Nuclear Grade Industry Association

[Discussion with the floor] (13:45~13:55)

(Coffee Break)    (20 min.)
Agenda 2: PR activities and/or other topics (14:15~15:45)

[Presentation from Korea] (14:15~14:35)
“KONEPA’s Program for Improving Public Understanding on Nuclear Energy
 - Focusing on Social Networking Services (SNS) -”
Mr. Sim Ki-Bo
Head, Social Communications Division, Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency

[Discussion with the floor] (14:35~14:45)
[Presentation from Taiwan] (14:45~15:05)
“Public Confidence Retrieval after Fukushima Accident”
Mr. Chang Michael
Executive Secretary, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Executive Committee, Taiwan Power Company

[Discussion with the floor] (15:05~15:15)
[Presentation from Japan] (15:15~15:35)

“Trend of public opinions on nuclear energy and campaign for boosting public understanding”
Mr. Morita Kouji
General Manager, Public Relations Department, The Federation of Electric Power Companies

[Discussion with the floor] (15:35~15:45)
Closing Remarks (15:45~15:55)

[Comments from the Observer]
Ms. Lei Meifang
Director, International Cooperation Dept., China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)

[Closing Remarks]
Mr. Hattori Takuya , President, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF)